Cramer: Greedy Pros Spoil Market for Individuals?

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Jim Cramer is passionate about the stock market. And he's determined not to let the avarice of a few spoil it for you.

"The market's been my passion and my life's work," Cramer said. "I consider myself the equivalent of a park ranger attempting to shepherd a national park for now and for all generations."

And the Mad Money host is worried that the landscape has become spoiled – with theFacebook IPO of 2012 an ugly blemish on the face of the market.

Cramer believes in an attempt to make as much money as possible, market pros put the bottom line well ahead of something far more important – the opportunity to rekindle confidence in Wall Street.

In fact, Cramer believes developments involving Facebook spooked so many retail investors that they continue to keep the stock market at arm's length.

As you may remember, Facebook IPO'd one year ago at $38. Shares climbed in the first few hours of trading and then fell precipitously in the days, weeks and months thereafter.

From technical glitches and institutional selling to the way in which the stock was priced, the considerable fallout raised doubts about not only the company but the entire system. "It made people think the game was rigged," Cramer said.

Ultimately it sent shares tumbling, below $18 in July 2012. (To date, Facebook has not recovered to its IPO price. Currently shares are down 30% year to date.)

Considering the public had already been skeptical of Wall Street in the wake of the financial crisis, "Facebook pretty much amounted to an important nail in the coffin," Cramer said.

"It showed a sheer lack of respect for mom and pop investors," Cramer added. That revolts me."

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The Mad Money host remains convinced that the stock market is the best way for generations of Americans to improve their station in life.

"The market can help you afford college, it can help you buy a new house, it's critical if you want to ever retire," he said.

And as the nation emerges from the downturn and again becomes a global powerhouse, the Mad Money host doesn't want you to miss what he believes will be a significant opportunity.

Historically, the market has provided a path to prosperity. Cramer thinks it will do so again, but, as he says so often, you have to be in the game.

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