Gresham Veterinarian Emphasizes Reliability With Online Pet Pharmacy

TROUTDALE, Ore., May 19, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Some Oregon veterinarians are becoming increasingly concerned about what they say is a growing problem: prescription errors made in online and retail pharmacies. Gresham veterinarian, Dr. Ken DeRemer of Paws & Claws Medical Center, is making an effort to help pet owners order the right medications for their animals from a safe and reliable source. Dr. DeRemer states that the veterinary clinic's "pet portal" offers an online pharmacy through which owners can purchase products from a licensed veterinarian at a reasonable price while also receiving correct advice about the prescription. "We want to make sure pets everywhere are getting the correct, high-quality products in the right dosages," he said.

Pet owners seeking low-cost alternatives to traditional veterinary pharmacies look to online and retail pharmacies to get medications for their pets at lower prices. With online pharmacies "some of the products online are obtained through grey market diversion, so you will not know if the medications have been stored or shipped correctly, and do not know if they could be counterfeit," Dr. DeRemer says. He also claims that most drug manufacturers will not honor their guarantees on products that were not purchased directly from a licensed veterinarian. This also holds true with getting prescriptions from retail pharmacies.

Ordering pet medications through a retail pharmacy can have its own downside. Generally, their staff is not as knowledgeable about animal health products as veterinarians. They may not be able to educate pet owners on how to use the product, or inform of side effects. Furthermore, there have been several reported instances of pharmacists modifying dosing or the medication itself, because it does not match what they think is necessary for a human. Sometimes they do not realize the medication is for a pet and in a few instances, it has cost pets their lives.

"At our center, we can explain what a specific product does, how to administer it either by itself or in the context of an overall wellness program, and what precautions to take," says Dr. DeRemer.

The Gresham veterinarian goes on to say that the extra peace of mind obtained from ordering through the veterinary clinic's "pet portal" does not necessarily mean that the products are significantly more expensive than the "grey market" alternatives. The online pharmacy price-matches its wares to three leading online pharmacies, and shipping for most products is free. Special diets prescribed as part of a pet wellness program can also be purchased for direct delivery to the home.

The center's online pharmacy maintains a high standard of quality control for the entire selection and delivery process also ensuring that the manufacturer's guarantees remain intact.

In addition to its in-clinic and online pharmacies, Paws & Claws Pet Medical Center provides wellness program options, pet dentistry, pet surgery, emergency treatment, advanced diagnostics and hospice/euthanasia services for animals in Troutdale and Gresham.

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