Clermont Chiropractor Offers Non-Surgical Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatments

CLERMONT, Fla., May 19, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- According to Dr. Kurtis Michaux of Michaux Family Chiropractic, a diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) does not have to mean a choice between surgery and constant pain. The Clermont chiropractor says that a number of non-invasive chiropractic and physiotherapy can successfully alleviate the sore wrists, numbness and tingling. He adds that more than 500,000 people undergo CTS hand surgery each year and that it is the number one work-related injury in the United States. Dr. Michaux says teaching people how to work and move their hands, wrists and arms ergonomically can help alleviate pain and prevent future CTS flare ups.

Clermont chiropractor Dr. Michaux urges people struggling with sore wrists, or numb, tingling hands to consider chiropractic care and other less-invasive therapies before going under the surgery to alleviate pain caused by carpal tunnel syndrome. "There are alternatives to surgery for CTS. Basically, this condition happens when people overwork their hands and wrists in non-ergonomic positions for long periods of time. Anyone can get it—factory workers, people who type all day, professional musicians, you name it. The key is to naturally bring the inflammation down inside the wrist, work on realigning any of the musculoskeletal elements that are out of order, and then showing people how to work causing prolonged strain."

According to Dr. Michaux, inflammation is the big problem with CTS. He explains that the median nerve, which travels down the narrow, bony carpal tunnel inside the wrist, controls all of the movement and feeling in a person's hands and fingers. The median nerve shares this tunnel with several tendons. The tendons and other tissues inside the tunnel can become swollen from injury, overuse and even pregnancy, arthritis and diabetes. When these tissues swell, they press on the median nerve, which causes the sore wrists and other CTS symptoms.

Dr. Michaux says non-surgical treatments can save CTS sufferers time, money and extra suffering while relieving their pain. He explains that he works to make sure patients' spines and extremities are aligned properly to reduce nerve impingement. He then uses physiotherapy and therapeutic exercises to rehabilitate soft tissues, strengthen arm and hand muscles and reduce swelling. He also works with individuals on more ergonomic work movements, advising patients to take frequent work breaks to stretch and relax their hands and wrists.

Dr. Michaux adds, "CTS sufferers owe it to themselves to try these successful non-surgical techniques before opting for surgery. It can save them money, and most of all, extra pain and recovery time. There are alternatives. And we're here to provide them."

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