South Arlington Chiropractor Able to Treat Patients Post-Concussion

ARLINGTON, Va., May 19, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- South Arlington chiropractor Dr. Wendy Jacobs announced that she is now treating patients for concussions and traumatic brain injuries. Dr. Jacobs recently attended the Annual Professional Football Chiropractic Seminar in Indianapolis. The South Arlington chiropractor uses chiropractic adjustments to address neurological damage following traumatic brain injuries. She also uses the Erchonia Laser to help reduce the brain inflammation following a concussive injury.

Washington, D.C. and northern Virginia residents who have sustained a concussion may now receive chiropractic treatment from South Arlington chiropractor Dr. Wendy Jacobs.

A concussion is a traumatic brain injury (TBI) that affects the nervous system, causing problems that include memory impairment, headaches, difficulty concentrating, and problems with balance and coordination. According to Dr. Jacobs, prompt treatment for a concussion injury is essential to a safe recovery.

"Mild concussions are increasingly common injuries sustained while playing contact sports," said Dr. Jacobs. "They can also occur during a car accident. While most concussive traumas are mild, prompt treatment is still important to reduce brain swelling, manage pain, and support the body's natural recovery process."

According to Dr. Jacobs, a combination of chiropractic care and laser therapy can help manage pain and reduce internal swelling.

The chiropractor uses the low-level Erchonia laser to reduce swelling and stimulate internal healing. Light energy from the laser penetrates just below the body's surface and is converted into cellular energy. This energy is then used to support the healing process, reducing inflammation and pain.

During a concussive injury, many patients also sustain musculoskeletal trauma. This trauma can further aggravate neck pain and headaches. Chiropractic adjustments to the cervical spine are one way to safely manage this pain by bringing proper alignment back to the spine.

To advance her understanding of traumatic brain injuries, Dr. Jacobs recently attended the Annual Professional Football Chiropractic Seminar in Indianapolis. The seminar included detailed information on how to test for concussions as well as how best to use chiropractic care to treat traumatic brain injuries.

"The concussion seminars were an invaluable opportunity to learn about the latest advancements in the field of traumatic brain injury medicine," said Dr. Jacobs. "Studies show that chiropractic care can make a difference for patients who have sustained concussions and traumatic brain injuries. I am excited to put the latest medical findings to work for my patients' health."

Prospective patients who have sustained a concussion following an accident injury can learn more about chiropractic care or schedule an appointment with the army chiropractor by visiting

Dr. Jacobs is a U.S. Army Veteran who was named "Physician of the Year" for her dedication to patient care.

Jacobs Chiropractic is located in South Arlington, just a few miles from the Pentagon. The practice's services include spinal adjustments, sports medicine, acupuncture and therapeutic massage for natural pain management, injury rehabilitation and wellness care.

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