Stacksearch Launches Qbox Search-as-a-Service

Fayetteville, AR, May 20, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- StackSearch, Inc. today announced the availability of search-as-a-service. Qbox, available via a tiered monthly subscription model, was built "by developers, for developers" and empowers developers to incorporate supported and fully managed ElasticSearch indexes into their apps without having to worry about the hassle of installing, maintaining, and scaling on-premise search infrastructure.

In introducing Qbox, StackSearch CTO and co-founder Sloan Ahrens said that the letter "q" in the Qbox brand stands for the standard html search form syntax. He continued, "In roughly four years, ElasticSearch has become the standard, leading-edge open standard for fast search applications. We've built a horizontally clustered, auto-scaling, auto-healing instance of ElasticSearch servers on the Rackspace cloud that can handle billions of rows of data before breaking a sweat, and if it did start breaking a sweat, we would just add a few more nodes."

Mark Brandon, co-founder and CEO of StackSearch, added to Ahrens' technical explanation and said, "What ObjectRocket is to MongoDB, or Cloudant is to CouchDB, Qbox will be for the ElasticSearch ecosystem." Qbox is appropriate for any application that needs to be searchable, filterable, scalable, and fast. Brandon said that using Qbox enables developers to shave weeks off development time by eliminating the learning curve associated with maintaining an ElasticSearch cluster.

Search has been crucial to data-centric applications since the dawn of computing. However, in the last few years, the sheer scale of data produced overwhelms traditional relational database (RDBMS) solutions. "Meanwhile, the class of technologies known as NoSQL attempts to address RDBMS shortcomings. These technologies are great at storing, persisting, and mapping large data sets but leave something to be desired for search functionality," Brandon said. "This is where ElasticSearch comes in. It is often used in conjunction with, and sometimes in place of, these other transformative technologies to create the fastest and most feature-rich search experience available."

Leading market research provider Gartner announced in late 2012 that "big data" is driving rapid changes in infrastructure, with $29B in 2013 and $44B in 2016 spent on IT services related to search and using big data. Brandon said we have only seen the tip of the iceberg with the explosion in data. "Emerging contextual technologies like self-driving cars and wearable computing will make today's flood of data seem like a trickle in a few years."

About StackSearch, Inc.: StackSearch, founded in 2012, is based in Fayetteville, Arkansas. It provides search-as-a-service via middleware that is always "searchable, scalable, filterable, and brilliantly fast." StackSearch's foundational service is Qbox, and the company also provides a product-search-as-a-service application for e-commerce merchants.

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