American Greed Episode 76: Talk Radio Takedown

Case File

Talk Radio Takedown

Trevor Cook appears to be a local boy made good in Minneapolis, where he runs an investment fund called the Oxford Group. Along with three cohorts, Cook solicits an amazing $190 million dollars from 700 U.S. investors, many of whom heard his message through a talk radio star. The investors think their money is going into securities, but they'll be shocked to see how Trevor and his boys blow their hard-earned savings... turning a historic mansion into a den of debauchery.


  • The Gangster Life

    By day, Trevor Cook and his associates claim to run a $4 billion hedge fund. By night, they convert their million dollar Minnesota mansion into a lurid den of decadence.

  • The Deciding Factor

    Trevor Cook tries to recruit local investment banker Ty Schlobohm into his scheme. At first, Schlobohm's impressed with the plan, but does his research and soon learns that Cook and his cohorts are not who they seem.

Web Exclusives

  • Trevor Cook's Previous Scandalous Arrest

    Star Tribune Reporter Dan Browning tells of Trevor Cook's 1999 arrest for assaulting an escort. He plead guilty to disorderly conduct.

  • By: Court Hearing transcripts

    This is one of the brochures sent to investors for the foreign currency investment scheme run by Cook and his associates.

  • By: Court Hearing transcripts

    This is an example of the statements sent to investors to show their money growing and the foreign trades taking place on their accounts overseas with Crown Forex.

  • By: Court Hearing transcripts

    This letter was sent to investors by the Oxford Group in July 2009, telling investors about federal inquiries into the group, a lawsuit by a group of Ohio investors, and the bankruptcy of Crown Forex.