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05/28/2013: Crowd Rules #3 - Pursue Your Passion

Tonight the focus is on brave entrepreneurs who have turned their passions into businesses: Waitressville, a woman who has been designing clothing since she was a child, brought her love of design to the restaurant uniform business; Summit Coffee, brothers who frequented their local coffee shop so much they decided to buy it; and New York Dog Nanny, an animal-lover who decided to open her own dog daycare, boarding, and grooming facility. The crowd will decide which one of these determined businesses takes home the $50,000. Guest Business Expert: Tom Szaky.

06/04/2013: Crowd Rules #4 - Innovative Products

Tonight it's all about innovative products: Quivvers, an over-the-shoulder bag designed for today's modern devices; Pocket Frenz, a sweatshirt created to help empower shy kids; and Zach's Wax, a line of temporary colorful hair gels. The crowd will decide which one of these companies takes home the $50,000 to help grow their unique business. Guest Business Expert: Michael Chernow.

06/11/2013: Crowd Rules #5 - Philanthropy

"Crowd Rules" takes the time to give back. Three companies all focused on putting portions of their proceeds towards charitable donations compete for a chance to win $50,000. Miir is a water bottle and bike company that develops clean water projects and donates bicycles to those in need. Hand In Hand sells luxury soap and bath products to aid the developing world in stopping water-related illnesses. Hendrick Boards is a skateboard and apparel manufacturer that donates money to save animals. All come before the studio audience to present their business plans in hopes of expanding their lines as well as their means to donate. One will walk away with the prize money when the crowd rules. Guest Business Expert: Vincent Porpiglia.

06/18/2013: Crowd Rules #6 - Legacy

Three multigenerational family businesses compete for $50,000 to help secure their legacy: Woodstock Cabinets has been custom designing cabinets for residential and commercial real estate since 1967; the son of legendary surfer, Dewey Weber, hopes to protect his father's name and surf and apparel line that was founded in 1960; and Klinger Educational, who since 1955, have been making scientific models and apparatuses for physics education. Guest Business Expert: Melinda Emerson.

06/25/2013: Crowd Rules #7 - Products with a Twist

Tonight's entrepreneurs are out-of-the-box thinkers who have put unique spins on rather traditional products: Ninja Standing Desk, the portable standing desk that offers a healthy alternative to sitting all day; Acustom Apparel, the clothing company looking to revolutionize the custom tailoring business; and Aphrodisiac Ice Cream, the mobile ice cream truck with a stripper pole on the roof and sexy salesladies dancing and serving the product. One of these forward-thinkers will take home the $50,000 prize. Guest Business Expert: Erica Duignan Minnihan.

07/02/2013: Crowd Rules #8 - Become Your Own Boss

Tonight is all about self-made business owners who decided to stop working for "the man" and become their own boss: a mortgage broker who decided to leave the real estate business and open his own roadside assistance company called Call Charley; an audio technician turned business owner of his own repair shop called Just Audio; and a mechanical engineer who decided to open a retro-style barber shop. The crowd will award one of these brave entrepreneurs the $50,000 prize. Guest Business Expert: Steve Kaplan.

About "Crowd Rules":

Each week, "Crowd Rules" features three small businesses that compete in front of an audience of 100 that votes to decide who wins a much-needed $50,000 prize. Entrepreneur and jewelry designer Kendra Scott, TV Newsman Pat Kiernan, along with a weekly guest industry expert, lead the examination of the small businesses in order to help a studio audience choose which company wins the $50,000. While the small business owners make their case to the panel of three, the real power lies in the hands of the audience – 97 strong – whose votes will ultimately decide which business is most deserving of the investment.

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