Sofi Insurance Services Helps California Residents Learn about Important Changes Under Obama Care

Sofi Insurance Services

Los Angeles, CA, May 22, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Affordable Care Reform Act has revolutionized the health insurance industry. Designed to ensure equal access to affordable coverage, the Affordable Care Act brings with it many changes for Americans. Sofi Insurance Services helps California residents learn about important changes they may be facing under the law.

The individual mandate may be one of the most far-reaching changes of the Affordable Care Act . This mandate requires that most Americans have health coverage. Most insurance plans will be required to comply with certain minimum requirements, which means that coverage will generally include preventative care and other services that can help consumers better access the care they need.

Some consumers may be eligible for subsidies that can help them better afford their coverage. These subsidies will be available through the health insurance exchange, which also offer an easy way for consumers and small businesses to compare prices and benefits of various health plans. Health Care Reform legislates how new health plans cover consumers as well. Insurance plans will no longer be able to discriminate based on health status, which means that those who have pre-existing conditions will have the same access to the same coverage at the same prices as those who do not have health problems. The act also allows young adults to stay on their parents' plans until they are 26, even if they are married or living independently and prevents insurance companies from cancelling coverage due to illness or accidents unless there is clear evidence of fraud.

The Obama Health Care Act is intended to reduce health care costs and improve access to needed services, but the legislation is long and confusing. Sofi Insurance Services is ready to help consumers by providing them with the information they need to identify their health care needs and learn more about available coverage options. Sofi Insurance Services offers online resources and comparison tools and can simplify the process of shopping for insurance plans. They offer assistance not only with health plans and information about the new health care act but also assistance for dental insurance, family plans, small group plans and life insurance.

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