Cramer: Clean Harbors to Aid Oklahoma Recovery

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In the wake of terrible tragedies, investors will often look to Clean Harbors, Cramer explained on Wednesday's broadcast.

"It's a stock that tends to go higher when bad things happen because the underlying company is involved in cleaning up," he said.

Now Cramer would never suggest trying to profit from something as horrible as recent events in the Midwest. Tragedies that involve the loss of life are nothing short of horrible and as survivors sift through the rubble, Wall Street feels the same sense of heart-break as everyone else in the nation.

For Cramer, events speak to a connection we all share. And that as much as we'd like to think otherwise, "it's bound to happen again – somewhere, someplace, in some form or another."

A pickup truck is wrapped around a tree after a powerful tornado ripped through Moore, Oklahoma.
Getty Images
A pickup truck is wrapped around a tree after a powerful tornado ripped through Moore, Oklahoma.

When it does happen again, chances are Clean Harbors will step up again; "they're viewed as a company that officials can turn to in the aftermath of disaster to help recover," Cramer said.

In the case of the Oklahoma tornado, "multiple state and federal agencies put Clean Harbors on stand-by to dispose of all the residential hazardous waste created by the cyclone, as well dealing with utility damage, like getting rid of broken power transformers," Cramer said.

"We are going to be brought in to help rebuild," explained Alan McKim, the chairman and CEO of Clean Harbors on Mad Money.

In the past authorities also turned to Clean Harbors; "especially after the Gulf of Mexico oil spill and also in the wake of Hurricane Sandy," Cramer said.

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It's because of the company's crucial role in these and similar events that Cramer recommends putting Clean Harbors on the radar.

"We know these kinds of tragedies are going to keep happening, that's just the way things are, and I believe Clean Harbors will always be there in the aftermath, to help make us safe," Cramer said.

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