Safebrain Systems Inc. Announces the Latest 4.0 C.I.A. Sensor and Software is Ready for Retail

CALGARY, Alberta, May 22, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Safebrain Systems Inc. (OTCBB:SFBR), Safebrain Systems Inc. President and CEO Michael Scott, with great pleasure, announces the state-of-the-art Safebrain sensor has been tested and is market ready. Expect to see Safebrain Sensors in retail stores within 60 days.

President and CEO Michael Scott, "This is a major accomplishment for Safebrain. Safebrain Systems Inc. is a company that has been focused from day one to have the best possible product once we went to market. We have spent years testing and fine tuning the C.I.A. sensor and software. We are extremely proud to say that we have implemented many suggestions from players, coaches, parents, doctors and major helmet manufactures. I am confident to say that we have the total package. Additional features that make Safebrain 4.0 an industry leader include an increased Gforce 3-axis accelerometer. The importance of an accelerometer has been discussed thoroughly since impact sensors have come to market. Safebrain 4.0 has included a gyroscope that takes into account the rotational direction and data from impacts. According to Dr. Mrazik, a renowned clinical neuropsychologist who has been advising the NHL on concussions for almost a decade, 'measuring rotational forces is key to understanding how concussions occur since the current concern is that rotational injury is extremely dangerous to the brain. The more we understand and can measure the rotational forces, the better we can detect concussion. Having a rotational component for impact indicators is of extreme importance. Safebrain has taken that next step.' Safebrain 4.0 has an external arming button, increased battery life (2-3 years), and improved storage capacity and that's just to mention just a few of the improvements. These changes are vital for the continued success of the company. We are an industry leader with the realization of the importance of continual evolution. The interest surrounding an impact sensor that has these features has been remarkable, from individuals to retail storeowners. We have taken our time, completed our due diligence and ensured our product. We are more then ready to hit the retail market and excited to do so."

Safebrain Systems Inc. is set to launch its new advertising campaign, focusing on the sales of individual concussion detection units. Parents have complete discretion whether their children are monitored for head trauma in any sport. With such a positive response to the team kits, having individual sensors available in retail stores adds another progressive component to Safebrain.

About Safebrain Systems, Inc.

With so much national and international publicity focused on head trauma in sports these days, primarily concussions, Safebrain is working to become a strong leader in concussion awareness technology. Safebrain's product has been proven in team use and is backed by scientific evidence as a state of the art detection and preventative concussion exposure technology. Safebrain is marketing to all football and hockey teams starting at the novice level through major junior and professional levels and will also be marketing to individuals and teams in other sports, such as skateboarding, skiing, biking, BMX freestyle, motocross, sport racing and lacrosse.

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