Cramer: Expect Nothing Less Than a Wild Ride

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Usually Cramer isn't a fan of a wild ride. But in the case of this stock he makes an exception.

In fact, the more wild, the better.

That's because the stock is Six Flags, a theme park operator behind some of the most impressive thrill rides anywhere.

"They invent lots of cool rides, including the world's tallest giant swing ride, the 400-foot-tall Texas SkyScreamer, which sounds like a lot of fun as long as you do it on an empty stomach," Cramer said.

It's rides such as this that draw millions of people from all over the world to all of the Six Flags locations in the US, Mexico and Canada.

Other popular rides include:
- The Dare Devil Dive: Thrill seekers free fall over 15 stories.
- Green Lantern: Riders stand up during this white knuckle adventure.
- Kingda Ka: Riders shoot 45 stores in the air at speeds of 128 mph.

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It's experiences such as these that families can't resist – and apparently Wall Street can't either. "The stock has been roaring, up more than 25% year to date," said Cramer.

But the Mad Money host is thrilled by much more than the rides. He finds the business metrics pretty exciting too.

"Six Flags have the best margins in the industry," he said. Also Six Flags is finding new ways to profit. "They have an e-commerce platform and they sell a more expensive pass that let's you skip the long lines," Cramer said.

And they're leveraging food sales in inventive new ways. For example, Six Flags has more than 2,000 food stands at its theme parks and every day customers buy more than 15,000 funnel cakes.

Also the Mad Money host likes the 4.5% dividend yield.

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All told, Six Flags appears to be firing on all cylinders.

It's worth noting that the Mad Money host did offer one caveat, "My only worry here is that the stock is now selling for 27 times next year's earnings estimates, which is not cheap," he said.

However, in this low rate environment, investors are chasing yield so he wouldn't be surprised if the stock gets an even greater premium. "The P/E may be big but that dividend is not small," he said.

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