Ashton Kutcher: The Media REALLY Messed Up Twitter

Ashton Kutcher speaks at TechCrunch Disrupt NY 2013
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Ashton Kutcher speaks at TechCrunch Disrupt NY 2013

Twitter used to be cool, but the media has royally screwed it up, angel investor Ashton Kutcher told the CTIA Wireless conference Thursday.

"Twitter's experience has changed for me, pretty drastically. It used to be sort of a personalized experience for me, a really personal experience that I could share," the actor said at the Las Vegas trade show. "For lack of better verb, I think the media kind of [you can figure out that verb] it up."

"I think media companies came in and just pounced on it and I think that the signal-to- noise ratio kind of stinks—people selling [expletive] that I don't want," he said. "Companies and people just pitching crap."

Kutcher said that when he first got on Twitter, it felt like the democratization of media, but now it just feels like traditional media.

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But the media aren't totally to blame for the noise on Twitter. The company itself has introduced features that have set it back, he said.

"I think retweeting hurt Twitter the most," Kutcher said. "It created a ton of noise in the system that took away from some of the value."

Twitter has become sort of an RSS feed, Kutcher said, but he prefers to read the information that is available on Twitter via other platforms, like Flipboard, a site that curates your news based on your preferences and social networking accounts, including Twitter. Kutcher is an investor in Flipboard.

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