Prophecy Healthcare Inc. Unveils Major Update to Online Healthcare Testing Software Client Interface, and launch of Predictive Index

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GREENSBORO, N.C., May 23, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As the national shortage of nurses continues to climb, healthcare organizations search for ways to increase efficiency in their hiring process. However, with the expanded jurisdiction of the OFCCP to audit the hiring processes of healthcare facilities, evaluating and selecting clinicians needs to be validated as well. Prophecy Healthcare® provides solutions to both needs with the newest version (V2) of Prophecy's client interface hosting online behavioral, clinical, and situational assessments for the healthcare industry.

One key component prompting development of V2 involved short cut options. Bundles of assessments can now be sent based on clinical specialties in just three clicks. This feature increases efficiency and insures standardization of assessments being sent to all applicants being considered for like positions.

"We set out to create a cleaner, more intuitive interface," said Jason Hall, Prophecy Chief Technology Officer. "Because many clients are using our solution throughout their workday, we wanted their experience to be the very best possible. I feel we've accomplished this goal and hope our clients agree."

One key feature assisting client preparation for OFCCP Audits is an interactive resource database. Currently filled with items such as content outlines and study manuals for Prophecy's entire clinical exam library, the database can be populated with additional resources based on client requests in live time.

According to OFCCP Audit Expert, Dr. Patrick Nooren Ph. D, Executive Vice President of Biddle Consulting Group, Inc., "the most legal exposure for OFCCP Audits is far-and-away in high-volume positions (i.e., lots of incumbents and lots of hiring decisions), and standardized tests are certainly the 'low-hanging fruit.' Due to the abundance of 'less than optimally designed' tests, the Agency realizes that this is an area ripe for enforcement. If it were up to me, first-and-foremost I would focus on ensuring I used valid assessments for hiring into my high-volume positions."

Prophecy Healthcare uses content and/or criterion based validity to ensure the assessments limit Disparate (discriminatory) Impact against protected groups, which maintains compliance with EEOC standards.

Perhaps the biggest and most important feature release, which will transform how healthcare organizations select and identify talent, is Prophecy Predictive Index (PPI). Prophecy Predictive Index is providing, never before available, candidate hiring data, to managers, giving them decisive and meaningful information on what the Expected Job Success is for the applicant, before making the hiring decision.

Ronald Gonzalez, Founder and CEO adds "Prophecy is proud to be sharing its proprietary, innovative approach to candidate selection, in a market where finding those top performing, service oriented candidates, is critical to the success of the organization. Our clients are reporting almost an immediate positive impact on employee retention, patient satisfaction, and workforce morale"

Additional upgrades were made in the caregiver management portal and to the database server creating faster processing speeds for larger reporting capabilities.

Clients received this upgrade at no charge and began rolling to the new version in May 2013.

Any clients who wish to switch to version 2 before their allotted time slot can request to do so by contacting the Prophecy Crew.

About Prophecy Healthcare® – Originally founded in 2004 as, Prophecy Healthcare got its start as the first online Pre-Employment Testing Company exclusive to the Healthcare Industry. Initially focusing solely on clinical assessments measuring clinical competencies, efforts to exceed industry expectations led to isolating critical competencies missed in traditional testing initiatives, such as stress tolerance, critical thinking, and teamwork skills. The Prophecy approach offers the ability to find candidates with the clinical hard skills, personality attributes, and desired soft skills to match each organization. For more information about Prophecy, visit or call 336.802.1070

CONTACT: Meredith Juengel Director of Relationship Management Prophecy Healthcare (336)802-1070 ext 722

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