Veterinary Clinic in Canton Promotes Wellness Plans to Help Pets Stay Healthy

CANTON, Ga., May 26, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic announced that the animal hospital is now offering different pet wellness plans. These plans are available for young pets (puppies and kittens) and adult plans; they are tailored to the wellness needs unique to an animal's different lifestyle stages. Plans include pet vaccinations and preventative care; discounts range from 10% to 20% off these different services.

Canton veterinarian Dr. Michael Good is working to keep pets healthy through the different stages of their lives. Dr. Good announced that his animal hospital is now offering cost-saving wellness plans as part of the clinic's pet services.

"Wellness plans are an affordable way to ensure pets are healthy and active through the different stages of their lives," said Dr. Good. "From puppy and kitten care to senior care, our plans make regular veterinarian appointments and wellness basics, including vaccinations, affordable and accessible for all pet owners."

The animal hospital offers three different plans, based on a pet's health: Complete Health Puppy and Kitten Plan; Complete Health Adult Plan; and Complete Health Senior Plan.

"While many pet owners are aware that puppy and kitten wellness plans exist, they may not be familiar with our other plans," said Dr. Good. "We are working to educate pet owners about the benefits of enrolling their pets in these plans. They are a great way to defray some of the costs associated with becoming a pet owner."

The Complete Puppy and Kitten Plan includes a 20% discount on pet vaccinations as well as a 10% discount off preventative care such as flea/tick medication. Boarding and grooming services are also discounted. The plan includes spay and neuter surgery as well as microchipping.

"As a veterinarian, I see each day the difference that the Complete Puppy and Kitten Plan can make for giving young pets a healthy head start in life," said Dr. Good.

As pets enter adulthood, Dr. Good recommends enrolling them in the Complete Adult Health Plan. The plan includes 20% off routine preventative care pet services such as dental cleaning appointments and diagnostic lab tests. Prescription diets, boarding and grooming are 10% off. In addition to preventative care, this plan also covers unexpected urgent care visits should pets become ill.

"The Complete Adult Plan is important because it helps pets stay healthy and active throughout their lives," said Dr. Good. "We know that unexpected vet visits can really add up; this plan keeps adult pet care affordable."

The Complete Senior plan includes pet services like senior checkups, diagnostic work, dental cleanings and urgent care visits. Like the Adult Health Plan, prescription diets, boarding, grooming and medication are available for 10% off.

Pet owners can learn more about the different wellness plans by visiting; pet owners will receive $20 in VetBucks when they enroll their pets.

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