Warren Veterinarians Promote Pet Prescriptions for Dietary Health

WARREN, Mich., May 26, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A group of Warren veterinarians is recommending a variety of pet prescription diets aimed at helping cats and dogs who struggle with specific health complaints. Dr. Denise Graye, Dr. Rebecca Barr, and Dr. Janine Tryban of Abbey East Animal Hospital emphasize that proper nutrition, while important for all animals, becomes especially critical when obesity, allergies or illnesses are present. "Our goal is to restore pets to good health or minimize their symptoms through natural methods such as proper diet," Dr. Graye says. "Even if additional methods are also necessary, we can incorporate these healthy diets into a wellness plan that helps pets achieve a higher quality of life," she states.

Cats and dogs face many of the same health issues as their human owners, according to Dr. Barr. "Older animals that become less active, for instance, may be prone to obesity, especially if they keep eating the same foods in the same portions," she says.

Liver, kidney, thyroid, digestion or cognitive functions may also falter due to age or the onset of chronic disease. The vet adds that some health issues can be aggravated or even initiated by dietary imbalances, noting that fatty diets can promote obesity, which in turn leads to hypertension, organ problems, joint pain and other health problems.

The animal hospital has responded to these concerns by offering a range of pet prescriptions under the Hill's Prescription Diet label. "These are specially formulated diets designed to support specific physical systems that need help," Dr. Tryban says, citing options that are nutritionally balanced to enhance liver, kidney, urinary tract, digestive or cognitive function in pets with dysfunctions in these areas. Other prescription diets address specific allergies that a pet may have to ingredients in standard pet foods, such as soy or wheat, by substituting other ingredients that will not spark an allergic reaction. Still others promote natural weight loss and help pets maintain the desired weight once it has been reached.

Dr. Graye is quick to admit that these pet prescriptions are not considered curative in their own right. "While we might achieve total success in dealing with milder health complaints, we don't expect to cure a significant illness purely through dietary changes," she says, "but these customized diets can prove tremendously helpful as a supportive therapy."

The veterinarians frequently recommend the Hill's Prescription Diet products in conjunction with medications or other required treatments. The clinic offers Hill's Science Diet food for healthy cats and dogs. "Maintaining proper nutrition through high-quality food can help keep these animals functioning at peak wellness, and if owners have an opportunity to prevent some of these illnesses from occurring in the first place, we highly recommend that they take it," say the practitioners.

In addition to prescription diets and nutritional counseling, Abbey East Animal Hospital provides general wellness evaluations, surgery, dentistry, microchipping and laboratory services.

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