Murfreesboro Chiropractor Urges Prompt Attention Following Auto Accidents

MURFREESBORO, Tenn., May 26, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- According to Dr. Wesley Stewart, the Murfreesboro chiropractor who runs Rutherford Clinic of Chiropractic, many people who suffer from chronic headaches or long bouts with back and neck pain may have suffered a seemingly minor auto accident in their past. He says that even low-speed fender benders can cause soft tissue strains and misalignments in the musculoskeletal system that may not manifest symptoms until hours or days later, fooling people into thinking they have no injuries. He urges anyone who has been in a car accident to get a diagnostic checkup soon afterwards to address any damage that could cause pain later.

Murfreesboro chiropractor Dr. Stewart says that prompt diagnosis is the key to avoiding years of mysterious pain: "I have so many patients who come in complaining that they've suffered years of neck pain or headache episodes that seemed to come on suddenly, without a clear cause. As I talk with them, we usually seem to uncover a minor auto accident that had occurred a few days before they started having symptoms. That's why I urge people to come in directly after any accident; we can do an evaluation to see if any strains or misalignments occurred and deal with them before they become too painful."

Dr. Stewart points to whiplash as a prime example of one of these delayed-onset injuries. He says it is the most common car accident injury and that it can happen at speeds as low as 5 mph. When someone is rear-ended, he explains, the head whips back and forth, straining the neck muscles, tendons and ligaments suddenly. He adds that sometimes misalignments can occur in the vertebrae as well, which can pinch nerves and cause pain. He adds that as the patient subconsciously compensates his or her neck posture to deal with the strain in the soft tissues, more misalignments and strains can occur. Dr. Stewart says the most common symptoms are neck pain, upper back pain, headache and migraine problems, difficulty concentrating and sometimes vision disturbances.

According to Dr. Stewart, many patients find relief from these symptoms through chiropractic care. He explains that by realigning the vertebrae, pinched nerves are released, which can lead to pain relief. He also teaches patients therapeutic exercises to restore normal soft tissue function to support correct neck posture.

Dr. Stewart reiterates the need for prompt attention after any accident: "Don't walk away from a minor-fender bender more worried about your car than yourself or your passengers. Getting checked out soon after the accident can save you years of pain."

Murfreesboro chiropractor Dr. Wesley Stewart treats car accident injuries and sports injuries, as well as cases of chronic back pain, neck pain, headaches, migraines and fibromyalgia. For more information on chiropractic treatments and the conditions they treat, visit his website at

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