Video from General Motors & Synaptic Digital: Sneak Peak of General Motors' Assembly Line Reveals Some Surprising Tests and Tools

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Detroit, May 28, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Not only do car manufacturers test their vehicles' aerodynamics, gas consumption and braking abilities, they're also obsessing over things like the size of the gaps around your hood and how fast you can close the doors! After all, according to Brett Slotka, Quality Engineer at GM, "nothing is more frustrating then when you go to close your door, and you have to turn around and do it again."

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While General Motors has spent millions of dollars retooling their high-tech plants where the next generation Impala and Silverado are made, some of the smallest tools and strangest tool and tests can have a big impact on vehicle quality. Bet you didn't know how important female ostrich feathers were to car manufacturing?

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