Bibb: Tough Questions for Tim Cook

What Apple CEO Tim Cook says in his All Things Digital D11 Conference keynote address could help restore investor confidence, Porter Bibb of Media Tech Capital Partners said Tuesday.

"He will give informative but not necessarily informing talk, and nobody's going to ask him the hard questions, which are: Where's Apple TV? What new products has he got? Where's the portfolio management for the iPhone, which is peaking in terms of sales? He's got to articulate a strategy for the emerging markets with a whole range of iPhones," he said.

"It's interesting that no one's going to ask him tonight why his cap x has gone from $1 billion before the iPhone to $10 billion today, and that's because he's building his own chip."

On CNBC's "Fast Money," Bibb praised Cook for his leadership.

"The market wants to know is Tim Cook going to be a long-haul, innovative, capable manager to build on what Steve Jobs left him," he said. "Tim is a competent manager. He could run just about any tech company in the world. No one knows whether he's going to be able to continue the innovation that's necessary to get that stock back up."

Bibb acknowledged that Cook also had a strong team behind him at Apple.

"But they have to start delivering, or that stock is not going to continue its little upward lift," he added. "The hard questions probably are never going to get answered tonight."

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