Terrific Tuesday: Dow Marks 20th Consecutive Tuesday Gain

NYSE traders
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Tuesdays have been exceptionally good for the Dow Jones Industrial Average and if the index finishes higher today, it will mark the 20th consecutive positive Tuesday close.

The current streak is the longest Tuesday in history and the second longest ever for any day of the week. The last time Dow Jones even got this far was in 1927 when it closed up for 15 consecutive Tuesdays from June 1927 through September 1927.

In 1968, the the Dow rose for 24 straight Wednesdays from June through November.

So far this year, Tuesday has also been the best day of the week for Dow Jones, with an average gain of roughly 0.50 percent. And the second best? Friday, with a gain of 0.33 percent.

On the other hand, Monday has been the only negative day, with the Dow falling an average of 0.23 percent in 7 of the last 10 instances.

While the Dow already broke the most number of consecutive positive Tuesdays, if Nasdaq closes positive today, it will tie with 10 consecutive Tuesday close that occurred between September 1972 through December 1972.

—BY CNBC's Pradip Sigdyal.