451 Research: Kognitio Parallelization of "R" Scripting Language Strengthens Company's Position as In-Memory Analytical Platform

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NEW YORK, May 29, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A new research note from a leading industry analyst cites the recently-announced capability of Kognitio to parallelize queries in the "R" scripting language, saying that it provides Kognitio with "further differentiation and should strengthen its claim to act as a specialist in-memory analytic platform that complements existing data warehousing and Hadoop deployments."

The Impact Report from Matt Aslett, Research Director, Data Management & Analytics at 451 Research, specifically cites "Kognitio's ability to parallelize R queries to take advantage of the massively parallel in-memory processing capabilities of its Kognitio Analytical Platform," the latest version of which will be formally introduced at the forthcoming Hadoop Summit in Santa Clara.

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Aslett adds, "Support for R could be just the start – Kognitio's new external scripting functionality is a framework that enables any programming language for which there is a Linux interpreter to run within the Kognitio Analytical Platform. The company has a newly formed data science group exploring the potential for supporting queries written in the likes of Perl, Python or Java, as well as SAS." He notes that one large retailer is interested in taking advantage of the external scripting capability to parallelize product forecasting across hundreds of thousands of products; other potential use cases include risk analytics.

The rapid growth of the in-memory analytics market is acknowledged by Aslett in his research note; he says, "The combination of Kognitio's cloud-based delivery model and its in-memory processing capabilities provide it with differentiation in a crowded market," including competition from products such as SAP HANA. He adds, "Falling memory prices and increased acceptance of cloud computing are both playing into the hands of Kognitio, and its parallelization capabilities could further its differentiation."

Aslett's note marks a growing trend among analysts who see Kognitio as a serious competitor in the in-memory analytics space; a recent report from Enterprise Management Associates calls Kognitio "the most mature platform," compared to competing in-memory databases such as SAP HANA and Oracle TimesTen for analytical workloads, saying the Kognitio in-memory database "has an edge in flexibility of environment" over its competitors in terms of data processing functionality.

"The market is clearly moving in our direction, and the technical advantages provided by the Kognitio Analytical Platform to interrogate Big Data volumes are more accessible than ever," said Steve Millard, Kognitio president and chief executive officer. "Beyond the paramount importance of speed and flexibility, intensive in-memory analytics that can be integrated into current business processes makes Kognitio the solution of choice for advanced analytics."

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