Crossroads: The Future of Energy

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Critical decisions about natural gas are due from Washington in the months ahead, and chances are you haven't heard that much about them.

And yet, the fortunes of our nation may hang in the balance.

Nucor chairman Dan DiMicco is on a mission to get the message out.

He wants everyone to know that the abundance of newly discovered natural gas could generate prosperity all over the country.

"Low natural gas prices and a reliable supply are a primary reason Nucor chose to locate a direct reduced iron (DRI) facility in Louisiana," he said in an editorial.

"This project, currently under construction, is a $750 million capital investment that is employing over 600 construction workers and will create 150 permanent, high-paying jobs," he said.

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As promising as that sounds, decisions coming from the Department of Energy could change everything. They're currently reviewing 16 applications to export natural gas in liquid form, to other nations.

DiMicco believes approving those applications and exporting large amounts of liquid natural gas is akin to going to an ATM, taking out much needed cash and then giving it away.

"We have a unique opportunity to put our country on the road to long-term economic prosperity. But for that to happen we have to realize the interplay between energy and manufacturing policy," DiMicco said.

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"In other words, DiMicco thinks the long-term benefits of keeping nat gas at home far outweigh exporting it, even if it can command a higher price overseas," Cramer explained.

"Adopting an unlimited export policy that sends large amounts of our domestic natural gas resources overseas would put this economic opportunity and its benefits at risk. Nothing less than our nation's energy security, its manufacturing base, and a chance for up to 5 million jobs are at stake," DiMicco said.

That's not to imply that DiMicco is opposed to all exports. he's not, Cramer added. "It's just that DiMicco is against extreme exports," he said.

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