George Sharp Responds to Press Release Issued by Counsel for Xumanii

SAN DIEGO, May 30, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- George Sharp, responds to the May 29, 2013 press release issued by LKP Global Law, LLP. , attorneys filing the class action complaint against Mr. Sharp on behalf of investors in Xumanii (OTCQB:XUII).

The yet-to-be-served complaint is in response to Mr. Sharp's spam email litigation (San Diego County Division of California Superior Court Case No. 37-2013-00048310-CU-MC-CTL) against the publishers of Awesome Penny Stocks and affiliated newsletters, which promote penny stocks with little or no assets, to create artificial trading volume and price, in what is commonly known as a "pump and dump" campaign. Among the other defendants named in Mr. Sharp's lawsuit are Awesome Penny Stock's current pump and dump subject, Xumanii.

Addressing the class action complaint, Mr. Sharp stated, "I will not surrender my rights to free speech to heavy-handed tactics such as this shoddy attempt to get even for a righteous complaint. I unequivocally deny that I have benefited from any decrease in the price of Xumanii shares, or that I have been involved in the shorting of stock to benefit me or anyone else. I am simply seeking to end these spam email campaigns while warning unsuspecting investors about the perils of delving into promoted penny stocks, especially those touted by Awesome Penny Stocks, which always cause staggering losses."

Mr. Sharp's affirmed his allegation that Xumanii, at a minimum, is a conspirator in the pump and dump scheme, if only by its failure to disavow the patently false claims and inferences made by Awesome Penny Stocks, that Xumanii is involved in merger talks with Apple, Inc, Hulu, LLC. NetFlix, Inc and Google, Inc.; and, that the company's shares are being accumulated by a Barclay's Bank fund.

Mr. Sharp also reaffirmed his opinion that LKP Global Law is in the habit of providing aid and comfort to public companies with dubious characteristics. Among the patently false claims made in its press release, is LKP's contention that it was no longer representing Forex International Corp Trading at the time Mr. Sharp filed his anti-SLAPP motion. In reality, Mr. Sharp filed his motion to strike Forex's complaint on August 22, 2011. Then, on September 7, 2011, LKP Global Law attorney, Albert Liou, contacted Mr. Sharp's attorney, David Harter, and attempted to settle both cases with a mutual dismissal and a waiver of costs. Recognizing that he was entitled to be reimbursed for attorney's fees by Forex, Mr. Sharp rejected Mr. Liou's settlement proposal. On September 14, 2011, almost one month after Mr. Sharp filed his Motion to Strike under the anti-SLAPP statute, Mr. Liou, AS ATTORNEY OF RECORD, filed a request for dismissal of Forex's complaint. Mr. Sharp was then granted his attorneys fees. He commented, "It certainly seems like LKP Global Law tried to head for the hills when they realized that my anti-SLAPP motion would be granted."

With respect to LKP Global Law's contention that it "successfully defended its client, Eco-Trade Corp, against a lawsuit filed by Sharp", Mr. Sharp agrees that Eco-Trade was awarded attorney's fees and costs, after the court determined that although, Eco-Trade had breached a previous Settlement Agreement, the liquidated damages provision was an unenforceable penalty. Judge Irving Shimer however, spared no words of condemnation for Eco-Trade President, William Lieberman, and LKP Global Law Attorney, Albert Liou, using open court to call them, "idiots for getting into this mess". At the Motion for Attorney's fees, Mr. Liou asked that his client be reimbursed for over $80,000 in fees and costs, which he claimed were already paid by Eco-Trade. Awarding just $11,000, Judge Shimer again reprimanded Mr. Liou for allowing his client to run up such a large legal bill on a case that was worth no more than $25,000.

It appeared that Mr. Liou was not forthright about Eco-Trade Corp. having paid its bill, as 17 months later, LKP Global Law filed a lien against its own client.

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