Pathway Innovations and Technologies, Inc. announces web-based HoverCam Flex cross-platform software


San Diego, California, May 30, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- HoverCam Flex Web is now live at This software allows you to access your HoverCam from anywhere in the world. It does not matter whether you are on a Windows PC with Windows 7 or 8. You can use this web-based software with Chromebooks, MacBooks, and everything in the middle, too. Because you can access your HoverCam with a USB attachment and web-based software, you can use many tablets and other non-standard computers on which you might not normally be able to use document camera software.

The Connect feature allows you to share your feed publicly or privately with anyone you would like using a unique URL that is based on your log-in information. The person with whom you connect should also be using a HoverCam for the best connectivity. Connect is essentially conferencing software that is web-based, similar to WebEx or GoToMeeting, and it is free to use.

"HoverCam Flex Web will revolutionize the way people share information with their document cameras. It is our pleasure to announce HoverCam Flex Web online software to the public," says John Miewald, Marketing Manager for Pathway Innovations and Technologies, Inc. "We believe that being able to share access or remotely access your document camera is important in and outside the classroom. With the HoverCam Flex Web program, we offer the easiest way to collaborate with your peers using your document camera."

Connecting to other document cameras over web-based software is new in the industry of document cameras. Having a web-based interface to control a document camera is, what John Miewald calls, "the next step in integrating document cameras into your business." The cross-platform compatibility makes web-based HoverCam Flex the first piece of software that offers this functionality.

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Pathway Innovations and Technologies, Inc. is a document camera manufacturing company located in San Diego, CA. Pathway is an industry leader in hardware and software manufacturing for educational technology. HoverCam is a subsidiary of Pathway Innovations and Technologies and owns the rights to the software and hardware that Pathway produces.

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