U.S. Security Associates Technology Takes Multi-Tasking to a New Level

U.S. Security Associates Inc.

ATLANTA, May 30, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- U.S. Security Associates presents Tour Positive® Data Collection Service, the answer for security directors everywhere who want to know "What has technology done for me lately?" Tour Positive® Data Collection Service is security management technology with a multitude of applications for a variety of sites and circumstances. It's a singular product that delivers solutions for countless security service challenges.

As the name suggests, Tour Positive® includes tour system functionality, but unlike traditional systems, Tour Positive® streams tour data live to the security company National Command Center, where trained operators actively monitor progress and respond to deviations from designated tour checkpoints. Deviations trigger customized alerts to supervisors and client representatives. GPS tracking features enable security management to pinpoint the location of any officer through the Tour Positive® Data Collection Service.

With the capability for real-time monitoring of security officers in motion, Tour Positive® is a supervisory force multiplier, and clients are using the system creatively to cut costs without compromising security. For instance, clients in some locations are taking advantage of Tour Positive® to keep their night shift officers awake and active with the patent-pending Officer Monitoring Man-Down technology.

Tour Positive® technology also supports the Instant Alert! early warning system, which empowers security officers to effectively monitor equipment and facility conditions. Security personnel use military-grade handheld phone/scanner devices to scan bar codes and input data such as temperature readings if prompted. Data is immediately uploaded to the National Command Center for analysis, and triggers instant alerts to designated parties if data is outside of specified parameters. Instant Alert! has many applications to help minimize safety risks and prevent devastating losses from system failures and other unexpected events.

Red Box Alert is yet another application of Tour Positive® technology. Red Box Alert eliminates the need for clients to contract an independent fire extinguisher inspection service. Security personnel can easily incorporate fire extinguisher inspection and maintenance into their work routine with support from the Red Box Alert tool. Red Box Alert minimizes the possibility of human error wherever possible with reminders, step-by-step instruction prompts, real-time documentation, and instant alerts if malfunctions or irregularities are identified.

Unique among the nation's largest security companies, U.S. Security Associates retains a team of in-house developers dedicated to engineering technology to better support security management, increased value and reduced costs. Other security companies make do with off-the-shelf systems. Only U.S. Security Associates makes proprietary systems that do more.


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