New CEOs Act Fast on Senior Team Choices, Says RHR International

CHICAGO, May 30, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Senior executive team members often become apprehensive when a new CEO is appointed. Are their fears justified? New research from RHR International indicates it might be a good idea to keep an updated resume on hand. According to analysis of the data, it takes new leaders less than four months to begin making changes in the structure of their senior teams. In time, a full 60% of those sitting around the meeting table will be replacements.

On average, CEOs hired from outside the organization move faster in making the first changes. They are also less inclined to promote from within, often preferring to bring trusted colleagues along with them from previous employers.

"The first role likely to be reviewed by the CEO is the Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO) or Head of Talent Management," says Dr. David Astorino, Global Practice Leader – Senior Team Effectiveness at RHR International. "From a tactical and symbolic viewpoint, this is understandable, as it is likely a reflection of the chief executive's desire to make the alignment between talent and corporate goals a top priority."

When new CEOs change more than one role at the start of their tenure, General Counsels or Chief Legal Officers, along with CMOs, most often join CHROs at the top of the list.

For more information, including suggestions on how new chief executives can accelerate the effectiveness of their senior teams, download the complete report, entitled, "Fresh Faces in High Places." from the Research Studies section of our website.

The study was based on an analysis of CEO/Team trends from publicly available information on 20 global companies averaging 2012 sales of over $40 billion. Forty-five percent of these new chief executives were appointed from inside the company and 55% were hired from external sources.


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