Swanson Health Products Wins VIRGO's SupplySide Insight Industry Award

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FARGO, N.D., May 30, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Swanson Health Products' OmegaActiv™ Super DPA Fish Oil was recently named the winner of the SupplySide Insight Award in the omega-3 category. The inaugural SupplySide Insight Awards recognize successful market launches driven by collaborative partnerships between suppliers and manufacturers in three categories: beverage, cosmetics and omega-3.

"Swanson Health Products is proud to join Cyvex Nutrition in accepting this inaugural Insight Award," said Kurt Cameron, Swanson Health Products Director of Marketing and Product Development. "Strong supplier partnerships allow us to continue a history of innovation that defines our company. With partners like Cyvex, Swanson is able to offer consumers cutting edge, scientifically validated products at affordable prices."

OmegaActiv™ Super DPA Fish Oil is produced through a partnership with Cyvex Nutrition and contains OmegaActiv™ high-DPA menhaden fish oil, an ultra refined, molecularly distilled and highly purified single-source fish oil. According to emerging research, DPA, or docosapentaenoic acid, plays a critical role in helping other fatty acids work inside the body. Each batch of OmegaActiv™ passes more than 300 quality checkpoints, assuring safety, purity and stability.


SupplySide is the flagship brand of the Health & Nutrition Network at VIRGO, an information distribution company focused on some of the world's most innovative and complex business-to-business markets. VIRGO's mission is to help business professionals break through the hype, ambiguity and information deluge they experience by offering trustworthy guidance on the decisions they need to make—be that early in their decision making process, while making a purchase decision, or following the decision when a product, service or ingredient is in use.

About Cyvex Nutrition

Cyvex Nutrition, Inc. is a branded ingredient supplier who supports optimal health and wellness through natural ingredient innovations. A subsidiary of Omega Protein Corporation, Cyvex Nutrition is the trusted supplier of a wide range of scientifically researched ingredients, including nutraceutical ingredients and fish oil products. Cyvex ingredients undergo extensive testing and follow strict manufacturing procedures to ensure superior quality, efficacy and safety. Every Cyvex Nutrition ingredient is guaranteed by the company's exclusive NutriPrint® quality assurance system, which includes identity testing of incoming raw materials through FT-NIR, third party certification by independent laboratories for active ingredients, microbiology, heavy metals, pesticide and solvent residue when applicable.

About Swanson Health Products

Headquartered in Fargo, ND, Swanson Health Products is a leading natural health retailer, offering high quality vitamins, supplements and natural health products to consumers online and via direct mail. The company operates out of a modern, Good Manufacturing Practices certified facility, where orders are fulfilled and shipped out to customers around the world. All products sold are backed by a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee with free return shipping, delivering an unmatched customer service experience. For more information, please visit http://www.swansonvitamins.com.

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