Pathway Innovations and Technologies, Inc. announces the Solo 5x for business use


San Diego, California, May 31, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Pathway Innovations and Technology, Inc. are releasing a brand-new product in its product line of document cameras. The Solo 5x document camera resembles its brother, the Solo 5, and this product is intended for business and personal use. The Solo 5x comes with two new pieces of software, specifically aimed to be used with receipts and business cards.

The Solo 5x is a portable scanner that allows you to scan many documents quicker than ever. A traditional scanner takes up to 15 seconds to scan a document, and the Solo 5x takes less than 1 second. Also, a traditional document scanner has a width and height limit, while the Solo 5x does not. Further, the Solo 5x is capable of scanning at your pace because of motion-detection hardware in the device.

"The motion-detection feature of the Solo 5x makes scanning a breeze" said John Miewald, Marketing Manager for Pathway Innovations and Technologies, Inc. "You can set a countdown timer to ensure that your hand gets out of the way before you scan a document, receipt, book, or business card."

The Solo 5x is lightweight, portable, and has software that makes it easier to declutter your home office or desk at work. The Solo 5x also has web conferencing capabilities, which allow you to share whatever you are working on with anyone in the world. The Solo 5x can use HoverCam's traditional Flex software package or its new web-based Flex software, which offers the user a range of experiences depending on the setting.

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Pathway Innovations and Technologies, Inc. is a document camera manufacturing company located in San Diego, CA. Pathway is an industry leader in hardware and software manufacturing for educational technology. HoverCam is a subsidiary of Pathway Innovations and Technologies and owns the rights to the software and hardware that Pathway produces.

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