Charles Hensley, Ph.D., Inventor of Zicam(r) Cold Remedy, And Itonis Pharmaceuticals Prepared to File for the National Drug Code Number for the Emesyl(tm) Anti-Nausea Products to Launch Sales in Fall 2013

Itonis, Inc.

Laguna Hills, California, May 31, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Itonis, Inc. (OTC: ITNS) and Charles Hensley, Ph.D., the inventor of the Zicam® Cold Remedy, and founding member of Itonis Pharmaceuticals, are pleased to announce the Company is prepared to file for the National Drug Code (NDC) number for their over-the-counter Emesyl(TM) homeopathic product.

Dr. Hensley explained, "Once the NDC number is assigned by the Food and Drug Administration, the product will be cleared for sale in the United States. We expect the process to be completed in this Fall of 2013."

Emesyl(TM) is the Company's nausea relief product and is to be manufactured by Oasis Health Products, Inc.

About Itonis Pharmaceuticals

Itonis Pharmaceuticals, a division of Itonis, Inc., is headed by Charles Hensley, Ph.D. This division's mission is to create and market over-the-counter and prescription homeopathic products that better people's lives. Dr. Hensley is a pioneer in the development and marketing of safe and effective therapeutic nutraceutical and homeopathic preparations. He was a founder of the company that launched the Zicam® Cold Remedy, making the product a household name and forever changing the marketing and product placement paradigm for homeopathic drugs in the United States. Dr. Hensley and his team plan to use the same methodologies to revolutionize the treatment of several other common ailments and other chronic diseases.

About Itonis, Inc.

Itonis, Inc. was incorporated in the state of Nevada on July 5, 2005 under the name of Kenshou, Inc., which later changed to Itonis, Inc. on December 2, 2005.

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