Las Vegas Chiropractor Offers Convenience of Care With Eight Locations

LAS VEGAS, June 2, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Las Vegas chiropractor Dr. Benjamin Lurie of The Neck and Back Clinics has eight different Las Vegas locations to best serve patients. These locations are: Northwest Las Vegas, Green Valley North, Downtown Las Vegas, Northeast Las Vegas, Spring Valley and Southwest Las Vegas. Neck and Back Clinics also has locations in Henderson, NV and Pahrump, NV. All clinic locations offer comprehensive pain management services, with a special focus on treating pain resulting from car accident injuries, including whiplash. The clinics offer chiropractic care, massage therapy and physical therapy.

Las Vegas car accident injury victims can receive pain management for their injuries at different locations throughout the city and surrounding communities. The Neck and Back Clinics offers chiropractic care at eight different Las Vegas locations, including locations in Downtown Las Vegas, Northwest Las Vegas and Spring Valley.

"Our pain management center is committed to help patients safely manage pain and heal following an accident injury," said Las Vegas chiropractor Dr. Benjamin Lurie. "With a special focus on car accident and whiplash injuries, our clinics are one of the most popular choices for pain relief. That's why we have eight different locations in Las Vegas, allowing us to best serve individuals in need."

The different locations are near popular shopping centers, community centers and major intersections, which Dr. Lurie says makes it easy for patients to visit at any time of the day.

"Whether individuals want to stop for their appointment on their commute home or visit during the middle of the day, our various locations make it easy and convenient for patients to receive the highest quality care," said Dr. Lurie.

For example, Dr. Lurie says that the Green Valley North location – just off E. Sunset Rd near the intersection with S. Pecos Rd – is conveniently situated for patients who need treatment visiting stores at Sunset Ridge Plaza or commuting to work. The Neck and Back Clinics also has practices in Henderson, NV and Pahrump, NV.

"Back pain, neck pain and headaches can make living an active life extremely difficult," said Dr. Lurie. "Thanks to our flexible practice hours, we make it easy for patients to schedule appointments and receive the care that they deserve. Our goal is to help patients naturally manage pain and get healthy as quickly as possible – without the need for medication or risky surgery."

The Neck and Back Clinics provide comprehensive pain management services, including chiropractic care, that relieve chronic back pain, neck pain and headaches. In addition to treating car accident injury and whiplash injury patients, The Neck and Back Clinics also treat patients for workers compensation injuries, sports injuries and other personal injuries.

Treatment options include chiropractic care, therapeutic massage and physiotherapy.

Patients can visit the website,, for all locations.

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