Beyond Back Pain: Omaha Chiropractor Treats Variety of Conditions

OMAHA, Neb., June 2, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- An Omaha chiropractor wishes to educate the public on the wide range of health problems that chiropractic care and other natural therapies can address. According to Dr. Mark Eiler of Chiropractic Health Clinic, his practice has proven its value in treating allergies, headaches, ear infections, and other conditions. "While our methods are definitely useful in caring for people with spinal misalignments or back pain, they can also help improve nerve function throughout the body," says Dr. Eiler. "By adjusting the spine, we can therefore resolve many seemingly unrelated problems."

Omaha chiropractor Dr. Eiler states that many common health and wellness problems can stem from impairments to the nervous system, noting that this complex network is responsible for routing all the operational instructions from the brain to various organs and tissues.

"The nervous system relays both motor commands and sensations, so when something gets in the way of communication, the body can no longer perform normally," he says. According to the Omaha chiropractor, this nerve dysfunction can cause the immune system to either lose strength or react to perceived threats incorrectly, making the body more prone to asthma, allergies and ear infections, all of which the clinic has treated successfully through spinal adjustment. Over the course of several adjustment sessions, he says, these problems resolve themselves as the immune system regains its efficiency.

Sciatica is another condition treated by Dr. Eiler and his staff. "If you have pain in your leg or foot, it's logical to assume that there's something wrong in the leg or foot," says the practitioner. "In many cases, however, the problem is a pinched nerve near the spine." He explains that these and other leg symptoms can be caused by sciatica, an impingement of the sciatic nerve, and that relief of this impingement via spinal adjustment can often relieve chronic bouts of leg pain, muscle weakness, or tingling and numbness in the foot.

Dr. Eiler is quick to point out, however, that the clinic's ability to treat a wide range of issues does not mean that more traditional spinal complaints are marginalized. "We still see many patients with the same typical complaints that send people to chiropractors, such as back pain and whiplash from auto accidents or personal injuries," he says. By evaluating and treating such injuries as soon as possible, he adds, patients may be able to avoid some of the other health issues mentioned above. "Spinal misalignments and their effects can grow more severe over time," says the practitioner, "and eventually the nerve impingement can cause all sorts of symptoms, many of which would appear to have nothing to do with the spine."

Chiropractic Health Clinic offers spinal adjustment, cold laser therapy, flexion/distraction therapy and other non-invasive techniques for chronic pain, injury treatment, pregnancy and wellness care.

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