Google Glass Gets Its First Porn App

Google Glass T&G
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Google Glass T&G

Well, that didn't take long. The first porn app has officially launched on Google Glass.

The app is called, ahem, "T--- and Glass" and is made by the adult app maker MiKandi. It became available for download via Google Glass on Monday and allows users to watch videos and view images from a point-of-view angle.

It will allow Glass users to share "racy content" from their device to other Glass wearers. It also will allow users to comment and vote on their favorite content, according to a statement from MiKandi.

"Google Glass is still in its infancy. The technology is really awesome, but it's still brand new," said Jesse Adams, CEO of MiKandi. "It's important for us to stay on the cutting edge, though. It's going to be connected to everything, so it's important for us to push limit and see whats possible."

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MiKandi—which is not a porn production company, but an app provider—announced it was working on an adult app in May, but did not give an exact release date.

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The app is still in beta and available only to those with Google Glasses, which are still limited to a few thousand people with a price tag of $1,500. Adams said that 12 Google Glass users have downloaded the app and over 5,000 visitors have visited the app's website.

While the app currently features only POV porn, the company speculated in a blog post that there will be other opportunities with Glass in the future, including machine to machine (M2M) communication between Google Glass and sex toys.

"We see this as an important market. We are a mobile first company, but as all technology gets cheaper and mainstream there is going to be convergence of all tech that can communicate with each other," Adams said.

_ By CNBC's Cadie Thompson. Follow her on Twitter @CadieThompson.