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Josh Neblett, co-founder and CEO of GreenCupboards

What is the mission of your company?

As an online retailer of eco-friendly products for your home and business, GreenCupboards' mission is to create a customer-centric brand and streamline the way people buy green through an easy, fun and educational shopping experience, over-the-top customer service and competitive prices.

Explain your business modelhow do you make money?

Online retail sales (works with more than 800 suppliers and sells approximately 25,000 environmentally friendly products).

Who do you compete with in this space and how are you different?

Competitors include Abesmarket.com and Vine.com.

Competitive advantages: 1) internally built proprietary systems and tools to assist and manage inventory, data, tracking information, pricing, supplier relations and the purchasing process; 2) strong vendor relations; 3) customer satisfaction; 4) dedicated to combating "greenwashing" through its Green Compliance Team; 5) GreenCupboards' culture—driver of ideas, risk-taking and current success. The company's dedication to providing an environment in which people are allowed and encouraged to come up with big ideas and follow them through creates for a largely interactive work environment.

Where are your headquarters?

Spokane, Wash.

Number of full-time employees?


Year Founded?


Funds Raised?


Key Investors?

GreenCupboards founders, WIN Partners and Kick-Start LLC

If you would like to share more, please feel free to include additional information

In 2008, then college seniors Josh Neblett, CEO; Sarah Wollnick, vice president supplier relations; and their adjunct professor Tom Simpson, 25 years as an investment banker, venture capitalist, angel investor and entrepreneur co-founded the company. GreenCupboards had revenues of $7.2 million in 2011, $13 million in 2012 and is expected to surpass $25 million in 2013. In the past two years, GreenCupboards' sales have increased by more than 660 percent.

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