Apple Stock Heading to $500: Gundlach

First revered and then reviled, shares of Apple have farther to climb and could handily reach $500, DoubleLine CEO Jeffrey Gundlach said Tuesday.

"Apple seems to be forming a base to me. I mean, it certainly moved down in a way that was frustrating for investors that were long, and it seems to have a hard time rallying above $450, but I think it's going to," he said.

Apple stock gained 45 cents midday, trading at $451.32.

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On CNBC's "Fast Money," Gundlach, who was previously neutral on the stock, said that he owned shares of Apple below $425.

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Gundlach also noted a sort of market overreaction with Apple.

"It just one of these stocks that was so revered, therefore over-owned in the summer of last year, and then it becomes sort of this reviled sort of stock, which I don't think is right, either," he said.

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"All of the fundamentals that people talk about now as being a reason why Apple may not have the growth they had in the past, all of those fundamentals were crystal-clear a year ago. It's just an amazing study in market psychology."

Gundlach said Apple would hit $500 per share, calling it a "fairly easy place" for it to reach after its climb to $705 in September and subsequent drop to the $380 level in April.

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"It just seems to me to be too cheap vs. a lot of other stocks, given their cash-flow engine that they have," he said. I'm not so sure that we're ever, ever going to see $700 again in Apple, at least in the context of markets where they are today."

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