MyPermissions Launches Free Developer Certification Program to Protect User Data, Build Trust and Transparency

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LONDON (LeWeb London), June 5, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MyPermissions, a provider of security tools and services for scanning, monitoring and controlling how connected applications on Web and mobile access users' personal data, has announced a privacy certification program for developers - the MyPermissions Trust Certification. The program aims to standardize policies and usage of personally identifiable information (PII) between app developers and end users, giving developers a simple, free, but powerful way to build trust and transparency, drive conversion and retention and better protect user privacy.

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Social apps require access to PII to deliver a better user experience and more sophisticated functionality. But consumers have become wary of how their personal data is being used due to a variety of data leaks, spamming incidents, and uncertainty surrounding access and usage of personal data. MyPermissions' Trust Certification Program is a simple and transparent way for developers to assure their users that personal data is respected, and used solely for the functionality and improvement of the application. And while MyPermissions initially certifies developers in this program, it is ultimately the end users who will collectively dictate which apps are to be trusted, and flag those that fail to adhere to the privacy standards.

"Tasks are very private things. We take extra caution with users' personal data by making sure it's safe, secure and used only for the right reasons," said Omer Perchik, CEO of Any.DO, one of MyPermissions' early beta Trust Certification partners. "MyPermissions makes it easy for us to communicate our respect for privacy to our users."

"Often, we'll see an app access user data that's completely irrelevant to its functionality, and take it upon itself to spam the user's entire address book," said Olivier Amar, CEO of MyPermissions. "However, most developers are completely above board when it comes to the management and usage of PII. We want to support those developers and give them a platform to ensure their end users that they are honest and trustworthy with that data, and that they will make every effort to keep user data secure. Our basic certification is a free, simple, and effective way to give users peace of mind while helping developers build the next generation of trust based sites, apps and businesses."

"In the video communication space, it is important for our users to feel protected while they're connected through Rounds' platform," said Natasha Shine, Marketing Director for Rounds, an entertainment and video social network, and Trust Certification partner. "MyPermissions helps us offer a more trusted place for users to hang out."

MyPermissions understands that trust between the end user and the developer has become a barrier to monetization in some cases. The company has been protecting user privacy by monitoring permissions since 2011, and as a result, is uniquely suited to certify those developers that are respectful of their users' personal data. Its free personal privacy products, MyPermissions Cleaner, a Web browser extension with real-time alerts, and its mobile application for iOS and Android, monitor all connected apps across the most popular social networks, reveal specifically what data those applications collect from its users, and give users the ability to revoke or approve those applications.

To become MyPermissions' certified, developers simply sign up, agree to the terms and allow the Certification team to review the application's permissions for approval. For more information on MyPermissions or to download its download its Android or iOS app, or the Chrome Web browser extension, please visit https://mypermissions.com

About MyPermissions:

MyPermissions is a suite of security tools and services for protecting personal privacy and data online, on mobile and across apps. It gives app users control over what data applications are able to access, and protects them from unknowingly sharing or spamming photos, documents, locations, contacts, emails, or any other sensitive information. Its products include a free mobile app for iOS and Android, and a Chrome plugin that gives users real-time alerts when a new application access their information. MyPermissions monitors all connected applications across the most popular social networking and cloud-based storage sites including Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Dropbox, and many more. Based in Israel, MyPermissions was founded in 2012 and is backed by 2B Angels, 500 Startups, lool Ventures, Plus Ventures and a consortium of angels. For more information, visit www.mypermissions.com, or its developer page at http://developers.mypermissions.com.

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