Cheers! Spirit Airlines Serving Wine…In Cans

Spirit Airlines
Andy Cross | Dever Post | Getty Images
Spirit Airlines

This is one of those moves that is sure to generate a few chuckles. The folks at Spirit Airlines, a low-cost airline known for extra fees that include charging passengers $100 for a carry-on bag, is now taking wine service to a new level in the sky.

The airline is serving wine in a can.

For $7.00 passengers can buy a can of Friends white or strawberry moscato wine. Friends Wine in a Can, which is distributed by the Friends Beverage Group out of Aventura, Florida, contains 6 percent alcohol.

Wine snobs may scoff at the idea of drinking vino in a can, but Spirit executives think they're on to something. For those who simply cannot bring themselves to drink wine out of a can, the airline still sells mini bottles of Sutter Home wine.

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Smaller, lighter, different

For Spirit, adding wine in a can makes sense because storing and serving cans on airplanes is easier and lighter than full bottles of wine. That's always a consideration given the space and weight limitations of planes.

More importantly, Friends Wine in a Can represents the type of quirky and different service the airline embraces.

Spirit CEO Ben Baldenza knows there will be people who will chuckle at the idea of someone asking for a can of wine, but I'm sure he doesn't care.

Skeptics have a long track record of dismissing Spirit whenever it tries something different. Baldenza isn't trying to win a fine wine competition, he's trying to give Spirit passengers a taste of wine for $7.

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By CNBC's Phil LeBeau; Follow him on Twitter: @Lebeaucarnews