Video from General Motors & Synaptic Digital: GM Makes Most Popular RemoteLink Mobile App Services Standard for Five Years

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Detroit, June 5, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- GM has announced that it will provide customers in the U.S. and Canada with some of the most popular services offered through the OnStar RemoteLink Mobile App, standard for five years. Now, even if the customer chooses not to pay for the other OnStar services they will be able to use the RemoteLink Key Fob app to:

See video from General Motors & Synaptic Digital:

· Unlock vehicle if keys are mistakenly locked inside or in an emergency situation, such as a child being accidentally locked in the vehicle

· Start or turn off car (if factory-equipped)

· Honk horn and flash lights to help find a vehicle in a crowded parking lot

Since being introduced in 2010, the General Motors RemoteLink Mobile App has been downloaded more 1.4 million times. It has 320,000 regular users and each month General Motors receives more than 60,000 requests for remote door unlock assistance through their OnStar service.

The complete set of RemoteLink Mobile App services will be available with a trial or paid OnStar subscription.

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