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Duluth, GA, June 5, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Telchemy Incorporated, the leading provider of software probe and real-time performance management technology, today announced DVQattest® Agent Version 2.1. This powerful, compact active test agent sets a new standard for the industry, providing a broad range of test capabilities within a small footprint. The DVQattest Agent is a pure software probe solution ideal for service level monitoring, remote troubleshooting, pre-deployment testing and independent service verification, and can be deployed as an embedded software agent in a customer premise or mobile device or a high performance active software probe in a virtualized network or SDN.

Each DVQattest Agent can run many scheduled and on-demand tests simultaneously, against multiple test targets. Tests can be run between agents or from an agent to a server or device, and are remotely configured using Telchemy's SQmediator management system. DVQattest Agents allows multiple independent users to request tests and sends the results of each test only to the user that initiated the test, to protects privacy. For example an agent deployed in a customer premises router could be used by a service provider for SLA monitoring across the network and for on-demand troubleshooting, and also used by the subscriber for testing connectivity and performance to Internet-based servers and for testing within their LAN.

The DVQattest Agent generates synthetic VoIP calls with SIP signaling and selectable codec type, IP videoconferencing sessions, HTTP, POP3 and SMTP tests. The product also supports DNS and DHCP testing, multiple types of IP path test as well as industry-standard ping and traceroute. DVQattest Agents can verify paths across the network using a minimally intrusive test that measures available bandwidth, loss, jitter and delay, and can use an in-depth hop-by-hop path test to detect LAN and router problems. DVQattest uses Telchemy's VQmon® for QoE measurement; VQmon is the industry standard for VoIP and Video quality measurement and is protected by seven granted US patents.

The agent can be installed in systems with multiple network interfaces and can execute tests through a specified interface. Each interface can be configured to use different network proxies, which allows the agent to exist in multiple networks and services, and to run tests through each interface using the appropriate signaling infrastructure. The agent is less than 3Mbytes in size and has been ported to Linux, Windows, Android and a range of other operating systems.

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