Interview with Domino’s Pizza CEO Patrick Doyle

The American consumer really loves pizza and pizza consumption tells us a lot about the economy.

With sales of nearly $1.7 billion in 2012, Domino's Pizza is one of the largest pizza companies in the United States. As part of pizza's "Big Three", Domino's, along with Pizza Hut and Papa John's, is responsible for about half of all American pizza sales. Shares in the company are near all-time highs and up over 32% in 2013.

Talking Numbers talked numbers with Domino's Pizza CEO Patrick Doyle about where the Domino's is going. We discuss with him the company's menu, international expansion, competition, and sponsorship of Major League Baseball in the wake of the doping scandal. And, of course, we ask him about the "DomiCopter" prototype pizza delivery drone.

To hear the Doyle discuss Domino's and the future of the company, watch the video above.

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