Whirlpool as Housing Recovery Play?

Amid worries that rising mortgage interest rates could slow the housing recovery, appliance maker Whirlpool could be one way to play the sector – or could take a big hit, depending on which "Fast Money" trader's arguments bear out.

Stuart Frankel's Steve Grasso was bullish on the stock.

"First of all, the efficiency replacement, just that alone, has enough to compensate for any type of damage the that housing market receeding will do to Whirlpool," he said Wednesday on CNBC. "Whirlpool up 70 percent year to date, still in the winner's circle."

Grasso also said that investors continued to like winners.

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"People revert back to what's working," he added. "Whirlpool's still working."

Grasso looked to competitors LG, whose stock was trading at 21 times earnings, and Electrolux at 31 multiple.

Tim Seymour of EmergingMoney.com wasn't a buyer.

"At 15 times current earnings, this is an expensive stock," he said, noting that it was about 0.3 percent "higher than it should be."

Seymour said that Whirlpool's revenues and sales volumes for the first quarter were down, even though the appliance industry had recovered along with housing.

"Look at Home Depot, Best Buy," he added. "Those are nice read-throughs for Whirlpool."

Seymour said that he loved the company.

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"This is an emerging-market appliance company. In fact, most of their sales are coming from outside North America at this point," he said. "At least it's evenly split."

Also, six straight quarters of negative growth for Whirlpool, while the rest of the sector was growing, did not bode well for the company, Seymour added.

"This company is actually losing ground despite the fact that globally, they are very focused and very good," he said.

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