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HYDERABAD, India, June 6, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Pharmafocus Asia which reaches out to the top spending private and public Pharmaceutical and Pharma laboratories in addition to the national and regional Pharma authorities and Pharma ministries throughout Asia with its print publications now has come up with its eBook for year 2013 which focuses on new digital advertising solutions expanding its presence across the globe.

With 95% of the world's leading Pharmaceutical products companies like Emirates, Bosch, Pfizer, CPhl, as well as industry suppliers, buyers are associated with Pharmafocus Asia. The key decision makers of these companies use our portal to make better decisions that enable their organizations to grow. From the suppliers to different buyers no other information provider in the industry reaches this broad spectrum of product & services - or has the global reach that Pharmafocus Asia does.

Readers usually prefer e-books when they are traveling or commuting and when they are looking for a wide selection. Readers also prefer easy and quick access to information, thus relying on the e-books on a wide scale.

"In today's competitive era, we believe to create a strong digital engagement strategy. The fascinating part of the e-publishing platform is that eBooks buck the traditional means. It's electronic and it's handy. eBooks have an easy access i.e. whenever and wherever you are you can access the eBook and read through," says Md. Azeemuddin, Director, Web, Pharmafocus Asia.

Digital marketing runs faster than any other market in any industry. That makes looking into the future a kind of mission impossible activity. The new eBook offers a contemporary look and streamlined user experience. It features enhanced resources and functionality designed exclusively for its readers, allows them to have the latest information within seconds. It's a true resource for the key decision makers and industry professionals across the globe catering to the Pharma sector.

Pharmafocus Asia has come up with innovative eBook for the year 2013, which offers the most exclusive and business procurement solutions in the business-to-business sites available online. With the ever changing landscape of digital marketing, Pharmafocus Asia is focusing on areas like Search Engine Marketing and content marketing which are the central points of advertising today.

Pharmafocus Asia brings to you a new Digital Advertising Strategy through its service offerings, will help you Optimize and measure your marketing and advertising ROI. Will answer out on how an innovative CRM segmentation process can generate better efficiency for your digital marketing strategy.

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