California Manufacturer Covoc Corporation Helps Hospitals Heal

BURBANK, Calif., June 6, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Across the country, sweeping design changes stemming from the healthy hospital movement have helped medical facilities improve patient treatment and healing—a trend in which California manufacturer Covoc Corporation has emerged as an important player.

As a leading U.S.-based manufacturer of privacy curtains and curtain tracks for all types of medical, government and institutional facilities since 1964, Covoc is a natural partner for hospitals seeking to improve patient outcomes.

"Studies reveal the profound impact of the physical environment on a wide range of medical factors," says James Condon, a third-generation operator of the Fullerton, California family-owned business. Condon notes that healthcare facilities are taking action by engaging architects, designers and manufacturers who create spaces with more natural light, more private and public spaces, and less potential for infections.

As a company committed to innovation, Covoc employs the latest technologies and practices to produce stylish, high-quality curtains that are healthier for the patient. For healthcare settings, Covoc manufactures antimicrobial curtains, made with a special fabric that prevents the growth of bacteria and aids in preventing the spread of disease.

"Limiting bacteria is a priority in the healthcare industry," Condon says, "and these antimicrobial curtains go a long way in helping to create a clean environment. They're a revolutionary change from the past."

Covoc's products are custom-created for every institution's needs, with the most innovative design and high-quality workmanship, and are backed up by Covoc's unmatched customer service.

"We're proud to be part of helping hospitals improve healthcare with new technologies," says Condon.

Covoc Corporation, founded in 1964 in Fullerton, CA, is a leading manufacturer of privacy curtains and curtain tracks nationwide. The company's website enables organizations and individuals across the U.S. to order curtains, tracks, and window coverings custom-made to their exact requirements.

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