Patriot Harley Davidson's Story of Rapid Success

PORTLAND, Ore., June 6, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- There must be a "secret sauce" behind the recognition and success of Patriot Harley Davidson. Seven years in a row, this Fairfax, VA dealership has received Harley-Davidson Motor Company®'s prestigious Bar & Shield Circle of Excellence Award and we were eager to learn how and why they did it!

"Though a difficult honor to achieve, we believe the reasons are simple," says Lyndon Abell, Patriot Harley-Davidson®'s General Manager. "We genuinely believe in earning customers for life so we do our best to build the type of relationship you would with anyone you wanted to be friends with for decades: we tell the truth, we are fair and we keep our promises."

Times have changed. The best dealerships in the world have been forced to work harder than ever to build value in their people, process and products in order to differentiate themselves from their competition, grow and maintain their customer base and still turn a profit in the process. They have developed new profit centers from Rentals to e-Commerce to make sure they stay on top year after year. Patriot Harley-Davidson® has done just this and they carry the trophies to prove it.

Patriot Harley-Davidson®, along with the most modern, innovative and successful dealerships in the power sports world, have been able to identify a few of the most critical pieces to their pie of continued growth and ROI and Patriot Harley-Davidson® is no exception. Here is a snapshot of the questions each dealership must assess for themselves:

Number 1: Do you have a STRONG, ENGAGING, VALUE-BUILDING "virtual" experience for your prospects and customers that not only informs but also attracts more customers for less cost to the dealership phone, virtual dealership & showroom?

Number 2: Does your website capture brief but critical information about your customer in order to convert them from visitor to lead to customer? Does it also automate a response to them, which includes their next steps in the buying cycle?

Number 3: Do you provide your Sales and Service teams with scripts that cover everything the customer needs to hear to feel comfortable choosing YOUR dealership to buy, trade and even service their next vehicle?

Patriot Harley Davidson knew what they needed to do but they also knew how critical it would be to find a partner who carries industry experience and know-how in order to get everything done as effectively and efficiently as possible AND at the lowest cost!

"The solution was simple," said Abell, "Dealer Spike already has the formula, the tools and the process all set up for every dealership. They work intimately with the dealership to design a CUSTOM strategy that will reflect our look and feel, our core values and the culture on which the dealership was built."

Following their first month using the Dealer Spike system, Patriot increased their leads by 288%! In the same breath, they have also created a culture of providing virtual leads with the same care and communication as they have for so long with each of their walk-in, phone & showroom customers.

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"For us, our secret sauce is simple. We get it right the first time. We know our mission is to create customers for life. We know exactly where we were, where we are, and ultimately where we want to go. We know what we need to do to get there and we WILL!"

CONTACT: Noreen Johnson noreen.johnson@dealerspike.comSource: Patriot Harley-Davidson