Cramer: Studios Sweet on IMAX

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"In the old days, the movie studios couldn't have cared less about IMAX," Cramer said. How times have changed.

"Today they're all desperate to have their biggest films shown on IMAX's network of gigantic screens." That's largely because seeing a movie in an IMAX theater makes the whole experience that much more exciting and visceral. "The improvement in 3D technology adds a whole new layer," Cramer added.

The IMAX experience has won so many fans that some aficionados refuse to see films in conventional theaters, not matter how state of the art it may be.

And it's not just Americans who are embracing the experience.

"The company is expanding rapidly all over the world, with 738 IMAX theater systems installed in 53 countries around the globe," Cramer said. "And they're adding 110 to 125 new ones a year."

Because of the growing enthusiasm, a relatively small number of IMAX theaters can account for a significant portion of a film's box office revenues.

"For example, IMAX has only 108 theaters in China, yet when Iron Man 3 opened there earlier this year, IMAX did about 8% of the total Chinese box office," Cramer said.

Going forward, IMAX has an impressive slate of films scheduled into its theaters which include Man of Steel, (the new superman movie), Despicable Me 2, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Transformers 4 and much more.

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"I have always believed that when there's a product, service or experience you really like, the company behind that product, service or experience might be worth owning," said Cramer. "Consider IMAX."

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