Brentwood Chiropractor Offers Adjustments as an Answer to Allergies

BRENTWOOD, Tenn., June 9, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Although most people think of back pain or headaches when they think of chiropractors, Dr. Quinn W. Uzelman of Premier Family Chiropractic says he has successfully helped many patients find relief from their allergies through chiropractic care. The Franklin and Brentwood chiropractor says that allergic reactions spring from an unbalanced immune system. He adds that spinal adjustments to support the nervous system and other natural wellness therapies can help balance the immune system to relieve allergy symptoms. Dr. Uzelman says that these approaches address the root causes of allergic reactions more so than conventional antihistamine medicines that are designed to cover up symptoms.

The Franklin and Brentwood chiropractor explains that chiropractic care goes to the heart of why a person suffers from allergies. "What you have with an allergic reaction is basically the immune system not being able to recognize the difference between an actual harmful pathogen and a completely harmless thing in the environment. So a person whose immune system is out of balance will react to, say, cat dander or ragweed pollen in a similar way to how it would treat a virus. Our goal is to help the patient get their immune system balanced and strong so that it recognizes and attacks the actual pathogens and ignores things that are not really harmful."

According to Dr. Uzelman, the first step for allergy sufferers is to receive a chiropractic checkup and adjustments. He says that often times, during a spinal exam of an allergy sufferer, he will discover that certain vertebrae are out of alignment. He says that this condition, called a subluxation by chiropractors, can pinch nerves that adversely impact immune system function. He explains that by realigning the vertebrae through precise spinal adjustments, pinched nerves are released and the immune system can start functioning normally.

Dr. Uzelman says that chiropractic treatment for allergy sufferers is a more long-lasting approach than taking allergy medicines. He says that antihistamines that are commonly used to stop or control allergic reactions only work to stop the symptoms, but that they do not get at the root of the problem in the same way that spinal adjustments do. He adds that other supporting therapies he recommends for his allergic patients include nutritional counseling and massage therapy. Dr. Uzelman says these things help reduce stress on the body as well, which can improve a person's overall wellness and tone their immune system so that it works properly.

Dr. Uzelman adds, "I urge anyone who suffers from allergies to try chiropractic. If we can eliminate the cause of the allergy, rather than just cover it up, it can change your life for the better!"

Dr. Quinn W. Uzelman is the chiropractor at Premier Family Chiropractic and serves the Franklin and Brentwood areas providing spinal adjustments, massage therapy, nutritional counseling and other non-invasive wellness services. For more information, visit the website at

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