Chicago Chiropractor Stresses Importance of Postural Screenings

CHICAGO, June 9, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A Chicago chiropractor is making people aware of the need for regular postural screenings to help detect spinal alignment issues that can jeopardize health and create pain or other symptoms. According to Dr. Mark Cohen of Chicago Pain Center, periodic evaluations of posture, balance and gait can help him pinpoint ailments ranging from scoliosis in children to degenerative joint diseases in seniors. "The sooner we isolate the problem, the more easily and effectively we can treat it," says Dr. Cohen. "We consider postural screenings an essential part of any conscientious preventative wellness plan."

The practitioner explains that poor posture may stem from an underlying musculoskeletal issue, poor workplace ergonomics, lack of conditioning or other contributing factors. "In some cases, a congenital condition such as scoliosis may cause the spine to curve unnaturally," Dr. Cohen says, adding that prompt detection and chiropractic care can minimize the progression of the curvature and reduce the need for more extensive correction later in life. "In other cases, minor spinal misalignments may be present from birth or develop at any point in life -- either through a degenerative condition or personal injury-- which is why repeated postural evaluations are necessary," he says.

Dr. Cohen adds that when the body is off-balance it may be more vulnerable to a personal injury or workplace injury, while countless hours spent in an ill-fitting office chair or at an improperly positioned desk can force the body to adopt a stooping or hunched posture. "This strain can carry over into poor posture when standing, or it can worsen a pre-existing spinal misalignment," says Dr. Cohen. He cites numerous possible impacts on health, from headaches and backaches to numbness caused by pinched nerves. Postural screenings, in which the practitioner evaluates the vertical alignment of the body when standing, can uncover misalignments in the making, according to Dr. Cohen. "We look for stress points and irregularities that are either causing physical complaints or are likely to do so in the future," he explains. "We can then prescribe chiropractic care as needed to correct these issues."

Dr. Cohen states that the Chicago Pain Center offers postural screenings in a variety of private and public environments, including shopping malls, health fairs and other community events. "We also bring our postural screenings to workplaces so employees can have this service without having to schedule any time off from their jobs," says the Chicago chiropractor. "It's our way of helping the community enjoy better health and a greater awareness of chiropractic care's many benefits." He invites workplace managers and event organizers to schedule the service by contacting the clinic.

In addition to postural screenings, Chicago Pain Center provides corrective exercises, chiropractic adjustment, massage therapy, and nutritional/lifestyle counseling for personal injury, preventative wellness and chronic disease cases.

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