Laguna Hills Veterinarian Stresses Importance of Animal Dermatology Care

LAGUNA HILLS, Calif., June 9, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A Laguna Hills veterinarian wishes to remind local pet owners that the changes in season may also bring changes in the condition of their animals' skin. According to veterinarian Dr. Kerolos of Trinity Pet Hospital, warmer weather can encourage cases of skin irritation, parasitic infections and other skin issues requiring diagnosis and treatment. "If a pet starts scratching or biting at his skin or shows obvious signs such as reddened skin or bald patches, we urge the owner to bring him in for proper veterinary care," says Dr. Kerolos.

With local vegetation in full bloom, allergy season may hit pets as hard as it does their human owners. While some of the allergens may be transmitted to pets through direct contact with the skin, the Laguna Hills veterinarian points out that even inhaled allergens such as tree or ragweed pollen can cause skin reactions in animals.

"You might assume that a pet has a pest problem if he is scratching himself all the time, but it could just as easily be a patch of dermatitis caused by pollen," Dr. Kerolos notes. Dermatitis, which may manifest itself as red, swollen or scaly areas of skin, can escalate into a serious bacterial infection it the animal licks, chews or bites the affected area. "Infections need to be dealt with promptly through antibiotics, and the allergen needs to be identified and dealt with as well, to prevent recurrences," says the practitioner.

Fleas and ticks can also cause itching and irritation through their bites, he adds, recommending that pet owners have such infestations treated and their pets placed on preventative medications. Even tinier creatures known as mites can attach themselves to skin and ears, creating conditions such as sarcoptic mange. "This is the season for tall grass, and this overgrowth provides a breeding ground for all kinds of pests," says Dr. Kerolos.

Infectious skin diseases can also afflict animals. Dr. Kerolos notes that ringworm, a condition which despite its name is caused by a fungus, can prove highly contagious, not only to other pets but also to humans. This condition leaves telltale ring-shaped bald patches and inflamed, scaly skin. "We can treat this condition effectively, but we need to do it as soon as possible to prevent other members of the household from getting it," says the Laguna Hills veterinarian.

The clinic's animal dermatology service can also diagnose and treat a wide variety of other skin conditions, ranging from simple feline acne (which tends to occur along the jawline) to cancers. "The important thing is to get that skin condition checked out so we can restore your pet to health," states Dr. Kerolos.

In addition to animal dermatology, Trinity Pet Hospital offers routine wellness evaluations, dental checkups and cleanings, vaccinations, surgery and other veterinary services for Laguna Hills pets.

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