Heat v Spurs: Cramer’s Stock Market Angle?

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Cramer is a sports nut. He loves sports. In fact, he loves sports almost as much as he loves stocks.

And after watching Miami face-off against San Antonio in the NBA Finals, Cramer decided to develop a Mad Money series that ran parallel with the basketball championship.

For the first installment, the Mad Money host focused on the home cities of these two teams and pitted the biggest companies against one another.

"In San Antonio that's Valero Energy, the number one independent oil refiner in North America. In Miami, that's Burger King, one of the best-known fast food restaurant chains in the world.

Of course Cramer realizes that comparing these two companies is a little like comparing apples and oranges. Nonetheless, when managing a stock portfolio, you always have to choose between different sectors and ultimately different stocks. Therefore, he thinks the comparison is relevant.

And the question becomes, of the two, which is the better stock to own right now?

"This is a tough call as I like both of them," Cramer admitted.

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As an oilrefinery that mostly operates along the Gulf Coast, Cramer called Valero a patience stock. "As cheap domestic crude flows from all of our country's newfound oil discoveries down to the Gulf, Valero's refineries will operate more efficiently and the company should experience some hefty margin expansion."

Also he likes the focus. "The company uses its refineries to make distillates such as diesel, heating fuel and kerosene. All of these products have significantly higher margins than gasoline because the demand for these products is growing much faster, and there's far less spare production capacity," he said.

And Cramer added Valero is an extremely shareholder friendly company.

Burger King

Cramer called Burger King a company in full turnaround mode.

"Burger King is focused on improving their brand image among customers both domestically and around the world," Cramer said. "Also they're aggressively refranchising locations, putting them in the hands of their best franchisees because they are going to be the best operators.

In addition Cramer likes the company's international plans.

"Burger King's also aggressively expanding overseas. Last year they added twice as many new locations in emerging markets as they did the year before, and the company's accelerating their new store rollouts in Brazil, Russia and China," he said.

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Of course there can only be one winner and in this contest, Cramer thinks the winner has to be Valero.

"Not only does Valero have a terrific story, but the stock sells for just 6.8 times next year's earnings estimates—still darned cheap compared to Valero's 9% long-term growth rate," Cramer said.

"Although I think Burger King gets it, the stock trades at over 22 times next year's earnings estimates, which is far from cheap even with Burger King's impressive 16.8% long-term growth rate," he said.

"I like Burger King, but if I had to pick one stock here, I'd go with Valero, no question," he said.

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