Alpine Public Library to Use Q4 Mobile's LibraryTV -- a Cutting Edge Video Engagement App for Libraries

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ALPINE, Texas, June 10, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Alpine Public Library will be migrating their video content to Q4 Mobile's (OTCBB:QFOR) LibraryTV Platform, offering unprecedented convenience and access to patrons. Patrons can create playlists of library video content, and view videos devices such as GoogleTV, iPad and Android tablet, etc.

An important benefit of internet-based video content is that instead of one video or DVD being checked out at a time, now any number of patrons can simultaneously access the same content. Also, video libraries are easier for Libraries to manage via LibraryTV's user-centric, cloud-based admin panel. Libraries can also view informative analytics regarding which videos are viewed and shared, and on what devices.

The application's features include creation of playlists, full-screen and compact viewing of video content, sharing of content over social media, search and more. Users can also seamlessly change devices without losing their place in the video they are watching.

As libraries shift to cloud-based technology, such as Q4 Mobile's Libserra Cloud Platform for Libraries, they are integrating mobile and social media based solutions to communicate with their patrons. LibraryTV represents the next step in the evolution of library technology, whereby patrons not only communicate with libraries via mobile, but also access library content via mobile devices.

"Integrating LibraryTV is a logical next step in offering relevant services to today's mobile-enabled culture," says Alpine Public Library's Director, Paige Delaney. "It's not only a more efficient work flow for the library, but we anticipate that patrons will appreciate the added convenience."

The LibraryTV app is available in the GoogleTV Store.

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