Accredited Business Consolidators Corp. Warns United States Enterprises to Immediately Create Investment Strategies in Nicaragua or Miss Opportunities With the Prospective Grand Canal

PHILADELPHIA, June 11, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Accredited Business Consolidators Corp. (OTC:ACDU) today issued a warning to United States enterprises and investors to immediately develop investment strategies in Nicaragua.

AccreditedBiz notes that North America is lagging behind in its investment in Nicaragua while other countries move forward in the region. On June 10, 2013, the legislature in Nicaragua approved a concession for Hong Kong based HK Nicaragua Canal Development Investment (HKND) to move forward with its plans to build a canal through Nicaragua. The project will bring in over $40 Billion into the Nicaraguan economy and create over 40,000 professional jobs. Long term, the project will increase Nicaragua's economy. While many news outlets are spending time speculating about the background of HKND, the enterprise already appointed well credentialed spokespersons, such as Ronald MacLean Abaroa, the former mayor of Bolivia's capital, La Paz, who was the Lead Public Sector Specialist for the World Bank. Contrary to speculation, HKND appears to be spearheaded by Chinese telecommunications company Xinwei. Xinwei's chairman, Mr. Wang Jing, made it clear that he intends to retain United States and British consultancy companies and to seek outside investment into the project. His invitation for American involvement should not be forsaken.

Many funds are reluctant to invest money in Nicaragua citing the political situation over twenty years ago. However, it is clear that the administration in Nicaragua, including President Daniel Ortega, has been modernizing the business code, eliminating corruption, and strengthening property rights including equal protection for foreigners buying land and making investment.

It appears clear to AccreditedBiz, from its operations in Nicaragua, which ranged from purchasing over one kilometer of land in the Bay of Bluefields, where the canal may begin, importing and distributing auto parts, investments into hotels, and trade involving local art, that the present administration desires nothing more than for international business to occur and for it to flourish. AccreditedBiz witnessed dramatic improvement in Nicaragua's infrastructure including highway development, enhanced postal services, modern telecommunications, widespread availability of high speed internet, a well managed airport, increased tourist programs, improvements to tax administration, judicial efficiency, and a substantial reduction in corruption.

Nevertheless, North American investors continue to ignore Nicaragua's opportunities. This situation should be revisited and all opportunity that would enable investment and consideration in the Grand Canal program should be explored.


Accredited Business Consolidators Corp. is a publicly traded diversified holding corporation with business interests ranging from its ownership of over 1 kilometer of bayfront land in Bluefields, Nicaragua, near the potential point of entry of the Grand Canal, to internet hosting and bulk medicine purchase plans.

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