Argentinian Developer and Financier Joins the Renewvia Energy Team

ATLANTA, June 11, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Renewvia Energy, a leader in project-finance commercial solar power development, has partnered with Fernando Bausili, an accomplished Latin American developer and financier, to focus on utility scale solar development in the region. Bausili has developed several large commercial projects in Argentina, Uruguay and other Latin American markets.

"We are evaluating multiple opportunities in the Latin American utility and commercial solar power market," said Trey Jarrard, CEO of Renewvia Energy. "Fernando's reach into Latin America provides Renewvia visibility on leading edge utility scale power purchase agreements with credit worthy utilities."

The team is currently exploring a partnership with the state-owned utility firm to install and operate solar farms in Uruguay, where the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining has demonstrated a commitment to renewable energy, including wind and solar. The deal would include a 20 to 30 year power purchase agreement with the utility.

In the United States, Renewvia is leveraging renewable energy incentives to make solar power systems profitable for businesses and investors. The company has developed large commercial solar systems in Arizona, New Jersey, Ohio and other states where incentives make renewable energy projects economically attractive to commercial landlords by creating decades of substantial and increasing free cash flow. As utility power rates escalate, the return on the solar development rises.

In Georgia, Renewvia has installed commercial photovoltaic systems on hatcheries at family-owned and institutional poultry farms, creating an environmentally sound solution for farmers and companies looking to control energy costs as well as above-market returns for the array's capital providers through tax benefit and revenue from the sale of electricity.

The company has a global vision for applying its strategy of making solar power financially attractive to investors, developers and the host entity that consumes the solar power.

"Specifically in Latin America, utility scale solar is growing rapidly because solar does not always compete against fossil fuels due to lack of delivery infrastructure, thus making the cost of generation equal to or better than conventional power," Jarrard said. "Fernando is going to be instrumental in identifying unique opportunities for Renewvia in arguably the most valuable geography for solar development at this time."

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Renewvia Energy designs and installs commercial and utility solar power systems. The company provides a complete range of solar energy solutions including turnkey solar installation, integrated financing and solar consulting services. Renewvia solar power plants reside in various markets, interconnecting to multiple utilities under complex and challenging financings structures. Renewvia's goal is to own and operate solar systems to maximize return on investment, and provide long-term value to the company and project investors. As a developer, Renewvia's rooftop, canopy, and ground-mounted solar arrays provide partners with clean, reliable and cost-effective power.

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